Who we are

Plush Portable Restrooms is a family-owned business located and serving Southern California.


The Perfect Solution...

The idea for our business originated long before we purchased our portable restroom trailer. Back in 2014, my husband and I were engaged and were planning our wedding when we suddenly realized that we had a situation - we had invited 250 guests to our wedding but our venue lacked adequate restroom facilities. We thought about renting a few porta-potties, but for a special event it seemed less than desirable. We had invested so much time and effort into making our wedding memorable, we also wanted appropriate amenities for our guests. Finally, someone told us about another option… portable restroom trailers. They checked all the boxes! We would have additional restrooms for our guests AND they would be up to par with what we had planned for our special day.

It was at that moment, we knew we wanted to have our own Plush Portable Restroom trailers to offer to others on their special occasion.




We are committed to providing you exceptional service and make every effort to make your special day more memorable. We will strive to do our best and ensure that our portable restroom trailers exceed your expectations.